Below are examples of testimonials from clients I have trained:
"I hurt my back badly in a diving accident when I was nineteen and two years ago was diagnosed with a complex thyroid disorder which has made me really poorly. One of the symptoms of this illness is very painful muscles and joints that inhibit free movement.  My doctor and physiotherapist recommended that I try Pilates.  I have been going to Josie's classes for about eighteen months and in this time my core strength has improved so much so that my back pain has all but gone. Regular sessions have also helped to keep me flexible which helps to alleviate my muscle and joint problems. 

Josie is very professional but at the same time warm and supportive.  She shows an interest in all her clients and is careful to work with whatever difficulties they maybe experiencing.  Her classes contain individuals who range from beginners to advanced but she has the unique ability to work with each person to ensure individual focus. 

I feel so much better as a result of working with Josie than I did when I first started.  She is an excellent Pilates teacher and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Sandra H
"I moved to Cheltenham about 3 years ago and in order to keep my history of back pain at bay I have had a Pilates lesson with Josie every week since! Josie is warm and talented teacher who always gets the best out of me even though I must be the laziest student she has ever had. Every time I walk out of one of Josie's classes my body feels 100% better and more mobile than it did when I walked in. Thank you Josie for all you have done for me and here's to the next three years, if you'll have me."
Emma G
"I had a prolapsed L 4,5 lumbar disc which was often aggravated by sport. I was advised to take up Pilates for both rehabilitation and prevention down the track. Josie's classes are informal but sufficiently challenging to maintain interest and instructive. She has worked with and around my injury to ensure maximum core stabilising strength with no residual discomfort to my back.The core strength is the secret to prevention. I am now back to my routine exercise."
Pam C
"Josie is fab - she knows exactly how to tailor the exercises to suit your body, ability and mood! In one hour I extend, flex, stretch and reconnect with forgotten and unknown muscles. Longer term - aches and niggles in my back have gone. Overall an hour of therapy for mind and body - thank you."
Clare F
"Since starting Pilates classes with Josie my body posture has changed beyond all recognition. I am still a little "wonky" but we are working on it! Josie's classes are fun and highly individualised (sadly as it means I can't slack!). Everything is more toned and my shoulders are less hunched. The difference to my core is amazing. For young, pregnant, post pregnant and just plain old I can highly recommend Josie."
Ali B
"Regular Pilates sessions with Josie have really helped improve my core strength and posture and in turn relieved lower back pain. Josie's classes are great fun and each client is catered for individually."
Ali F
"I have attended both one-to-one sessions and classes with Josie for just over a year.  The one-to-one sessions on Reformer equipment were amazingly effective; I left them feeling so much better both physically and mentally.  The classes are also very effective; Josie manages to get plenty done whilst looking after each individual, making sure that everybody is comfortable and knows what they are doing.  I feel very safe with her, and I also have a lot of fun!"
Rachel A